echoes service allows company to execute a Twitter campaign simply and effectively by use 2 type that are “auto reply” and “instant win” .

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The echoes project was kicked off in March 7, 2018.

Project Member


In Japan:

+ Business & Marketing Team

In Vietnam: development team

+ Project Leader:Nguyễn Văn Đạt

+ Project Members:Vũ Thành Trung, Hoàng Ngọc Khánh, Lê Thị Ngọc.

Product Content


echoes lets brands make campaigns to increase user’s share through the major social functions on Twitter. In particular, the main objective is to attract the attention and interest of users on the product or service that the brand provides based on information on Twitter, thereby increasing the efficiency of advertising, identifying and constructing a database of users interested in products to help businesses evaluate the effectiveness of Twitter promotion quickly.

echoes includes two main features following:

+ The echoes RT feature, which provides businesses a way to operate a promotional campaign through Twitter’s Retweet feature, to spread advertising information. Using a support system to automatically respond to user retweet related to the product of the business, and to attract users interested in the product with the award of Instant Win campaigns – each participant having the opportunity to receive the gift of the brand in the form of random selection.

+ The echoes HS feature helps to run ad campaigns based on information sharing with #Hashtags to create a broad social network of products, brands through the spread of social networking users.