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ALLIED TECH BASE is a professionally oriented environment. We care and develop human beings. Are you?

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  • Junior

    At the junior level, you will receive the guidance from experienced and skilled professionals so that you will have the opportunity to learn new knowledge, and improve your skills. In particular, professional working environment is the opportunity for you to develop yourself and future direction. In addition, each individual is monitored and evaluated to receive the most appropriate remuneration, salary and bonus.

  • Standard level

    At the Standard level, you have the opportunity to express yourself, work in the right direction, and develop your strength. More specifically, under the guidance of experienced professionals, you will be trained to reach higher positions, and achieve your goals. In addition, the company always has the most appropriate salary, bonus, and welfare for each person.

  • Senior

    At the Senior level, you will occupy an important position in the team and contribute ideas to build new projects for the company. Moreover, you will participate in the training, guidance and orientation for the newmembers to develop together. In particular, at this level you will receive intensive training in all areas to become top level professionals and receive adequate compensation.

  • Expert

    At the Expert level, you are the key & core member in the team as well as the company, and your role is to participate in training programs, guide members in all levels to build breakthrough projects & generate creative ideas, and drive the company to thrive together. Once you have reached the Expert level, you will receive the most favorable remuneration, salary and incentives from the company.

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