A cloud platform which provides touchpoints of people and brands, that helps strengthen the relationship with their fans.

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Thebrandtouch project was launched in August 14, 2018.

Project Member


In Japan:

+ Business team consists of sales & marketing.

+ Operational team (operation).

In VietNam: development team

+ Project Leader: Hoàng Nam

+ Project Members: Đỗ Cao Cường, Vương Văn Khánh, Nguyễn Hữu Huy, Trương Quang Chiến, Thái Anh Tú, Phạm Văn Lượng.

Product Content


brandtouch is a cloud platform based on the Fan Influencer concept, enabling brands to connect and engage their fans in the simplest and most effective way, based on the advantages of the system that is able to support SNS multi-platform.

brandtouch brings a lot of value to the business, firstly,brandtouch provides solutions helping businesses connect with fans (#touch) on their own media channels quickly. Additionally,brandtouch collects and manages data at one place (#discover), helping to evaluate the influence of the fans, thereby offering the most effective marketing solutions.

brandtouch is a powerful business tools to communicate with fans (#engage) and share activities and events to empower the connections among fans and the brands.