An One-Stop Marketing Service, which supports from publishing campaigns based on multiple SNS platforms to visualizing sale contribution.


The project started in 2008 under the name of MONIPLA Facebook. Up to now, after 10 years of development, the application has been upgraded with many new features, multi-platform support.

Project Member


In Japan:

+ Business team (sales & marketing)

+ Operation team

In Vietnam:

+ Project Leader: Hoang Nam

+ Project Members: Do Cao Cuong, Truong Quang Chien, Thai Anh Tu

Product Content


Technically, the MONIPLA application is one of the largest and most developed SNS Marketing platforms in Japan, which is applied in marketing strategies by various companies in the country.

In particular,MONIPLA is an application bringing benefits and strenghthening the bond between businesses and their users.

As for the brand,MONIPLA provides effective solutions and marketing strategies, enabling businesses to approach and interact with their target groups, attract customers and create close association.

As for social network users,MONIPLA brings new and attractive experiences along with a lot of benefits. The application helps them to interact with major brands, select appropriate products and receive valuable rewards.